PC&A has a committed, dedicated staff willing to be flexible and adapt easily to change to meet the demands of our clients. Our staff provides both professional and technical assistance, and support both on and off site. In addition, PC&A manages an Independent Network of Psychologists for both the I/DD Waiver and PASRR programs.

Meet Our Team

Richard L. Workman, MA, Licensed PsychologistLong-Term Care Clinical Consultant
Rick has entered a new phase of life and is embracing retirement. He no longer sees patients for therapy, but is available to PC&A staff for consultation purposes.

Linda O. Workman, MA, Licensed PsychologistLong-Term Care Clinical Consultant
Linda grew up in the Huntington, WV area where she attended Marshall University, earning both a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a Master’s Degree in psychology. Read More…

Kerri Linton, MA, LPC, Licensed PsychologistProgram Director & Long-Term Care Clinical Consultant
Kerri Linton graduated in 1995 from WVU with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology. She then obtained a Professional Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Child Clinical in 1997 from the same institution. Read More…

Kerri is presently not taking new patients for therapy.

Kristen Blanks, MA, Licensed Psychologist
Kristen Blanks, MA, Licensed PsychologistProgram Manager & Long-Term Care Clinical Consultant
Kristen Blanks was raised in Keyser, WV. She graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 1995 and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2001. Read More…
Jill Oliver
Jill OliverI/DD Waiver & ICF/IID Programs Coordinator
Jill Oliver is the Program Coordinator for the ICF/IID and the I/DD Waiver program. She started her career as a LPN and then worked as a beautician, an activity that she continues presently. Read More…
Leigh Ann Stone, BA, MA, RN
Leigh Ann Stone, BA, MA, RNCDCSP Registered Nurse
Leigh Ann Stone is a Registered Nurse that contracts with PC&A to do eligibility determinations for the Children with Disabilities Community Services Program. Read More…
Charley Bowen, MA, Licensed Psychologist
Charley Bowen, MA, Licensed PsychologistLong-Term Care Clinical Consultant
Charley Bowen, MA holds a Masters’ Degree in Child Psychology from Marshall University. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, he is certified as an Emotionally Focused Couples/Family Therapist and is a Certified Emotionally Focused Couples/Family Supervisor. He is also certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. He has served on the WV Board of Examiners of Psychologists since 2019.
Jaime Burke
Jaime BurkeFront Office Manager
Jaime Burke joined PC&A at the end of 2022. She has an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting from the WV Career College. She has worked as a Medical Assistant, a Claims Adjuster for the state of WV and then Brickstreet Insurance, and most recently enjoyed her time as a Stay at Home Mom. PC&A is thrilled she joined us as our front office manager. She shares her home with her fiance and their six children.

Our Proven Process

PC&A Inc. was established in 1979 as a small outpatient practice. Focus was placed on psychological testing, school consultation, and psychotherapy. Over the years, psychological testing has continued to be a part of the practice, but the government consulting and psychotherapy have become the center of PC&A. Simplifying complex government issues and formatting information so that it can be easily communicated are part of our strength.


An initial meeting with individuals and organizations seeking assistance is a must. Helping individuals and organizations to assess their needs and clearly communicate the outcome desired from the beginning is considered imperative. From the onset and throughout the relationship, PC&A staff will help our clients to stay focused on the target outcomes and hopefully achieve the desired outcome.


During and following the initial meeting, a plan will be developed related to an individual’s specific needs and/or the organization’s needs. The plan will be outlined succinctly and discussed and adjusted as needed. A format will be developed for organizations so that all involved will understand the steps and the outcome desired.


PCA will develop training modules, quality assurance plans, data retention plans, and ongoing monitoring to assure that the plan and established goals are met.


Regular and routine review of progress is necessary to allow for adjustments in the plan, training opportunities, reestablishing goals, and remaining focused on the target outcomes.


For organizations, outcomes are evaluated through performance measures for each specific area identified with quality assurance criteria that must be met and quantified. When established thresholds are not met a corrective action plan will be developed and adjustments will be made.

Needs Assessment

PC&A will determine whether the state’s standards are in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations and accurately target the severely disabled individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Condition and assure an objective and justifiable assessment is in place.

Eligibility Standards

Following the Needs Assessment, PC&A will assist with writing eligibility standards. Development of psychometrically based standards will create an equitable opportunity for all applicants.  Just need another sentence here to balance.  Just need another sentence here to balance.


Additionally, PC&A will help to develop a battery of psychological tests and assist with training of an independent cadre of evaluators. This will result in an objective, Independent Psychological Evaluation (IPE).  Just need another sentence here to balance.  Just need another sentence here to balance.

Program Management / Maintenance

PC&A will oversee the program and assure that the system functions as intended, is person-centered, and is consistent across evaluators. Necessary oversight will be provided to ensure that only eligible applicants receive benefits.

Quality Assurance

PC&A will develop and implement a System of Quality Management to assure that the quality of services is always improving and specified standards are met.  Just need another sentence here to balance.

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