PASRR is a federally mandated program that functions to determine if patients are eligible for nursing facility care. Following completion of a pre-admission intake by a physician, hospital, and/or nursing home, a Level I is utilized to determine functional deficits that would necessitate a nursing facility level of care. The Level II process, managed by PC&A, determines if the patient requires specialized services in an ICF/IID facility or needs psychiatric in-patient placement.

PC&A Responsibilities – PC&A is responsible for all Level II evaluations for individuals looking for placement in West Virginia Nursing Facilities.  Most Level II evaluations are completed by a West Virginia Psychologist face-to-face in the facility that initially requested the PAS.  The Level II Evaluators are a group of psychologists that must comply with Federal mandates and PC&A provides training, oversight, technical assistance, supervision and quality assurance to guarantee that the Level II Evaluators and the program follows all federal guidelines.  Not all Level II evaluations can be completed face-to-face, as some PAS are generated from out of state facilities or facilities out of the reach of our Level II evaluators.  In this case, PC&A clinical consultants will complete desk reviews to ensure that all individuals who trigger a Level II receive an appropriate evaluation before they enter a West Virginia Nursing Facility.  Please fax a History and Physical, 3-5 days of nurses’ notes, a medicine list and a psychological evaluation/psychiatric consult (if completed) to 304-776-7247, attn. Desk Review.

For a current Level II evaluator list, please contact PC&A at 304-776-7230.

Chapter 514 PASRR Manual