The CDCSP (Federal Title “Disabled Child In-Home Care Program” otherwise known as The Katie Beckett Waiver) allows children who require a nursing level of care, acute care hospital level of care or an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disability level of care to receive a West Virginia Medicaid card so as to receive needed services in their homes rather than in an institutional setting. These are typically children who have been denied SSI because their parents’ income and assets exceed allowable limits.  For CDCSP, only the child’s income and assets are considered, providing all other eligibility criteria are met.

PC&A Responsibilities – PC&A makes initial eligibility determinations for the program and annual redeterminations, thereafter. We assist, to some degree, with the application process and serve as expert witnesses in fair hearings which result from denials.  Additionally, PC&A sends all necessary determination documents to caregivers and will make contact with DHHR to explain the CDCSP program.

Chapter 526 CDCSP Manual
CDCSP Financial Limitations
CDCSP Application/Renewal