Our Proven Process

If you are considering PC&A for therapy, consultation, assessment, or for program management and assistance, you’ll find that the staff is driven toward positive outcomes. From the initial meeting through plan development, data collection and retention, and regular review of progress, there will be a high expectation of improved outcomes. PC&A is well-known for developing formats for agencies and for exceptional organizational skills. PC&A frequently develops and presents specific training modules both face-to-face and by webinars. Additionally, PC&A targets improving motivation and leadership skills in organizations, and improved mental health for individuals and organizations. Capturing our strategies in a few short paragraphs is not possible; yet the following steps may help you to understand our methodology.


An initial meeting with individuals and organizations seeking assistance is a must. Helping individuals and organizations to assess their needs and clearly communicate the outcome desired from the beginning is considered imperative. From the onset and throughout the relationship, PC&A staff will help our clients to stay focused on the target outcomes and hopefully achieve the desired outcome.


During and following the initial meeting, a plan will be developed related to an individual’s specific needs and/or the organization’s needs. The plan will be outlined succinctly and discussed and adjusted as needed. A format will be developed for organizations so that all involved will understand the steps and the outcome desired.


PCA will develop training modules, quality assurance plans, data retention plans, and ongoing monitoring to assure that the plan and established goals are met.


Regular and routine review of progress is necessary to allow for adjustments in the plan, training opportunities, reestablishing goals, and remaining focused on the target outcomes.


For organizations, outcomes are evaluated through performance measures for each specific area identified with quality assurance criteria that must be met and quantified. When established thresholds are not met a corrective action plan will be developed and adjustments will be made.

Some Words From Our Clients

Therapy through PC&A has improved the ways I talk to myself and my level of confidence has soared to the point that I am able to assert myself at work and at home. My fears have diminished to nearly non-existent. I am even able to drive a forklift into the back of a trailer from a loading dock without being frightened.


My therapist from PC&A taught me to recognize the difference between normal couple’s arguments and verbal abuse. My marriage was nearly totaled and my husband had significant anger issues. I stopped allowing the verbal abuse, learned to use my voice, and became more of an equal partner in the relationship. All along the way, the support staff encouraged me and helped me to gain confidence while in a very friendly and warm environment.


I made positive changes in my life after seeking guidance from a therapist at PC&A. I am a better person after learning to decrease urgency, stay in the moment, and that not every situation requires my response.


In April 2011, I was at a point in my life when things felt quite hopeless and desolate.  I was feeling very depressed.  I was referred to PC&A by my PCP.  I was hesitant and fearful of seeking help from this, or any, establishment.  I’d been down this road before.  However, I am so very glad I decided to give PC&A a chance.  From the start, each staff member I have met, or come into contact with, has always had a warm and genuine greeting for me.  They are each so very friendly, and willing to help.  The atmosphere of the office is one of comfort, and care.  This is magnified by the people who work there.  The girls at the front desk take care of my health insurance coverage and appointment scheduling.  I’m always greeted, by name, with a warm friendly smile, and leave with an appointment that fits my needs and schedule.  My therapist is, to me, the most important and caring staff member, at PC&A.  She is a genuine warm, giving and caring person.  Her knowledge and approach to the treatment of my depression is one of great strength and compassion.  My journey through life over the past years has been one of continuous learning and growing.   I’m constantly astounded by the compassion and warmth that is consistently given to me, during each visit, each therapy session.  She makes herself more than adequately available, and is willing to work with my doctors, and shows care and understanding for my other medical needs.  She has been so very patient, and emphatic with me, and continues to work and care for my well-being.  If you are suffering from depression, you are losing hope in life, or you need some guidance in your walk through everyday life, I strongly recommend you visit PC&A.