The CSED Waiver program provides home and community based services for children and adolescents from age 3 up to the 21st birthday that are additions to Medicaid State Plan. Children and adolescents must have a serious emotional disorder and be in danger of Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility placement in order to qualify.
PC&A Responsibilities
– PC&A is the Medical Eligibility Contracted Agent (MECA) for the Bureau for Medical Services in WV. We make all initial eligibility decisions for potential applicants and re-determine eligibility annually for all current participants. We also do secondary reviews as part of our quality assurance and serve as expert
witnesses in fair hearings.
Independent Evaluator Network (IEN)
– In addition to determining eligibility, PC&A is also responsible for the Independent Evaluator Network (IEN). The IEN is a group of licensed psychologists, licensed eligible psychologists, LPCs, or LICSWs who are specially trained to evaluate applicants for the CSED Waiver program. They are familiar with Mental Illness diagnoses in children and adolescents. They use the latest assessment tools in determining an individual’s functioning and appropriate diagnosis. PC&A is tasked with the development and coordination of the IEN. IEN members are recruited throughout the state of West Virginia and trained by PC&A.
For an application, please contact
The Administrative Service Organization (ASO)
KEPRO – 1-800-461-0655.

Documents required for initial application.

CSEDW Waiver