The I/DD Waiver program provides home and community based services for individuals with Intellectual Disability or a severe Related Condition. The individuals must require the level of care and active treatment provided to individuals in ICF/IID group homes.

PC&A Responsibilities – PC&A is the Medical Eligibility Contracted Agent (MECA) for the Bureau for Medical Services in WV. We make all initial eligibility decisions for potential applicants and re-determine eligibility annually for all current participants. We also do secondary reviews as part of our quality assurance and serve as expert witnesses in fair hearings.

Independent Psychologist Network (IPN) – In addition to determining eligibility, PC&A is also responsible for the Independent Psychologist Network (IPN).  The IPN is a group of psychologists who are specially trained to evaluate applicants for the I/DD Waiver program. They are familiar with Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Illness, and Dual Diagnoses. They use the latest assessment tools in determining an individual’s functioning and appropriate diagnosis.PC&A is tasked with the development and coordination of the IPN.   IPN members are recruited throughout the state of West Virginia and then approved and trained by PC&A.  All members of the IPN are West Virginia licensed psychologists and have the training necessary to conduct I/DD Waiver evaluations or Independent Psychological Evaluations (IPE).  PC&A monitors the accuracy of the IPEs and provides necessary re-education to the IPN.

For an application please contact
The Administrative Service Organization (ASO)
KEPRO – 1-800-461-0655.

For a list of current IPN Members,
contact PC&A at 304-776-7230.

Chapter 513 I/DD Waiver Manual
Chapter 513 I/DD Waiver Application